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Selling a Hoarder House in Atlanta

Posted on: January 6th, 2018 by , 1 Comment

Selling a Hoarder House in Metro Atlanta

Selling a hoarder house can be difficult, even more difficult for family members who are trying to sell their relative’s hoarder house.


Most of the time they’re just overwhelmed or even embarrassed because things have just gotten out of their control. People don’t collect all of that stuff overnight. It gradually happens over time and eventually gets to the point where they realize they have gotten over their head. Then the task of cleaning up or the emotional attachment to all the stuff just gets too overwhelming.

Constance Rosenblum with the NY Times writes in her 2013 article : “Hoarding is a complex emotional disorder defined as a fierce need to acquire combined with a paralyzing inability to get rid of things.” Constance also writes that, “An estimated 3 to 5 percent of Americans suffer from the condition, which in May was listed for the first time as a distinct disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”


For family members trying to sell their loved one’s hoarder house, it can be even more overwhelming because rather than overlooking the gradual increase in stuff over time, they may not know that their loved ones have a problem at all. They may show up one day to find the mess when their family member reaches out for help.

Many times, when selling the hoarder house, there are a lot of questions that run through someone’s head:


  • Who is going to buy a hoarder house?
  • Do I need to clean up all of the stuff in order to sell the hoarder house?
  • Are professional clean-up crews expensive?
  • Are there investors that buy hoarder houses?
  • Do we need to make repairs to the house once we clean it up?


The good news is there is an easy answer to all of those questions.


You can SELL your hoarder house FAST to Arbor View Properties. No need to clean up the stuff, no need to make repairs.

We will work with you to make sure that the process goes as smooth as possible. You can leave the stuff behind for a fresh start. We’ll clean it up. We’ll make the repairs needed.


Call Arbor View Properties today at 770-810-5715 or Click the SELL A HOUSE Link above and fill out the form. We will reach out to you and schedule a time to come see the property and make you a CASH offer within 24 hours. We can close quickly and we pay all the closing costs.

We buy houses all over Atlanta Georgia and surrounding metro counties. We even buy houses in North GA.

Also, go check out what our friend Robert in Tampa Florida is doing to help families with their hoarder houses.

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  1. Nice post Brad… We are picking up hoarder houses down in Tampa as well. Let me know if we can help down there.