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Georgia Probate and Estate Administration Process: Quick Read

Posted on: June 12th, 2020 by ,

We value educating homeowners who are looking at or are going through the Georgia probate process. Many people know that they will be inheriting a home, but they aren’t sure what that means or what that process looks like. We’ve helped tons of homeowners find the right solution for taking care of their inherited homes, and figuring out who to talk to about the estate in general.

The Georgia Probate and Estate Administration is an extremely confusing process and the best recommendation is to hire an Attorney who’s familiar with the process. The consequences of mishandling Georgia Probate or Estate can lead to personal liability being held by the executor or administrator.

The consequences are, in many ways, hidden and won’t show themselves until they could potentially affect you. Most laypeople who attempt to navigate Georgia Probate simply don’t have enough experience to know the intricacies of the laws. The funds earned from an estate can be used to pay for a Georgia estate lawyer. A lawyer can also be a great intermediary between potential beneficiaries who may have different ideas or desires from the sale of an estate.

In many cases it’s possible that even amongst the closest of family or friends that a rift can occur. A neutral party that has no vested interest is better equipped to make unbiased opinions as to what is best for all parties involved. An experienced lawyer not only knows the most common of problems, they can also generally notice and respond to any new problems that may be looming on the horizon.

The benefits of the assistance of a seasoned attorney far outweigh the potential losses you may face if you attempt to navigate Georgia Probate or Estate Administration on your own. Any lawyer you hire would keep your best interests in mind and is entirely on your side. In this confusing and stressful time, having an ally to take care of the process for you is invaluable to say the least.

If you are dealing with the Georgia probate process or aren’t sure what to do when inheriting a home, contact us through any form on this site or call us directly at 770-810-5715. Again, we’ve helped tons of homeowners through the years with finding a solution to their inherited home needs. We specialize in purchasing homes outright from them for cash. No fees. No commissions. No headaches. However, we’re also ready to help you find a solution to other estate needs as well, so whether you have a home that you’d like to get a cash offer for or not, feel free to reach out today and see how we can help you out!

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