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Fayette County Probate Court and Covid-19

Posted on: May 20th, 2020 by ,

There have been many changes made to the way that local probate courts work in the wake of Covid-19. Some of the processes of Georgia probate courts have been changed for the safety of both workers and citizens. 

With the new May 13, 2020 state-wide emergency extension order handed down from the Georgia Supreme Court, many are wondering about the impacts this has on the local Probate Court’s ability to process the many civil and government issues it oversees.  

This new order mandates that, where possible, courts remain open for “essential” functions but may limit “non-essential” services. These changes may impact typical operating procedures such as appointments, schedules, and more. Some prior imposed filing requirements have been suspended, tolled or extended to accommodate the  limitations resulting from the judicial order. 

Fayette County Probate Court employees will remain on-duty, in compliance with the judicial order, but the office will remain closed to the public out of an abundance of caution concerning COVID-19 (coronavirus). Constituents can expect rescheduled hearings and requested records or documents to be mailed. To help alleviate some of the confusion, Fayette County Probate Judge Ann Jackson has outlined the following:

Services Considered Essential Functions of the Probate Court

  • Appointment of emergency guardians or conservators for minors or adults
  • Filing of paternity affidavits
  • Issuance of orders to apprehend and evaluate persons suffering crises as a result of mental illness or substance abuse
  • Administration of oaths to public officials needed to perform official duties
  • Issuance of disposition permits or orders appointing estate representatives for disposal of unclaimed dead bodies
  • Other emergency matters

LIMITED (No Contact) Non-Essential Functions of the Probate Court

  • Reply to telephone calls and provide information
  • Reply to email or fax communications
  • In-take and process mail and documents delivered to the court including but not limited to pleadings
  • Mail out weapons carry licenses previously approved
  • Fill written requests for copies of records, files, death certificates for funeral homes and other customers
  • Intake and process emergency petitions for guardianship/conservatorship of adults
  • Intake affidavits for orders to apprehend and issuance of orders, if appropriate
  • Intake and process emergency/urgent decedent’s estate petition

TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED Non-Essential Functions of the Probate Court

  • Applications for weapons carry licenses
  • Applications for marriage licenses
  • Acceptance of passport applications
  • Processing of miscellaneous documents handled in probate court

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